Stand-Up Paddle Board Adventures Tour

Playa Cativo is the perfect setting to hone your stand-up paddle boarding techniques! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you’ll truly enjoy this exciting water activity as you take in the beauty of the surrounding Golfo Dulce and rainforest. Sheltered from the wind, our bay seems to have been designed just for stand-up paddling with tranquil, clear water in the mornings, glorious sunsets at dusk, and a generally small and manageable surf in the afternoons.

Plan a Stand-Up Paddle Board Adventure Tour on your next visit to our Costa Rica eco lodge! Start your tour with an easy-to-follow introduction from Playa Cativo’s skilled instructors. Practice a bit . . . and then, stand up and paddle away! Combine a stand-up paddle tour with snorkeling to add an extra sense of adventure to your day!

TheStand-Up Paddle Board Adventure Tour includes a guide, land and water instruction, use of equipment and set up. Cost is $45 per person for Playa Cativo guests and $65 per person for visitors.

Please give a minimum of 12 hours’ advance notice. You’ll experience adventure at its best with this 2-3 hour tour!

Stand Up and Paddle at Our Costa Rica Lodge!

Paddle Board in Playa CativoIf you are looking for a luxury hotel in Costa Rica offering excellent outdoor activities and natural beauty in a quiet and private setting, Playa Cativo Lodge in Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you!

One of our guests’ favorite activities at Playa Cativo is stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. You’ll think you are in paradise as you explore the glorious coastline and Cativo Bay. Check out the varieties of fish, manta rays and turtles in the morning’s crystal clear water.

The Playa Cativo staff is ready to help you outfit and launch your paddle board or kayak. And, they will be ready to greet you upon your return. We hope you will visit us soon!